NFT Ecosystem
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We are building a NFT ecosystem that give users a real
competitive advantage in acquiring NFTs.


We have built and deployed the world's first financial NFT marketplace. Our data analytics provides users an edge for investing in this emerging asset class.

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The world's first NFT marketplace that rewards buyers and sellers in a "create & collect to earn" model. Xana holders also receive fees generated from marketplace transactions.

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Decentralized Governance

We believe NFT marketplaces are the killer app for blockchain. It is important that Zora Labs focuses on development and marketing while key decisions are voted by token holders.




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We pride ourselves as being inclusive. Our telegram and discord communities are comprised of individuals from all over the world with diverse backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives.

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New Product

Zora Labs is committed to shipping innovative products that add value to the greater NFT ecosystem. Our team of experienced developers deliver high-quality product.


Our team is focused on partnerships and outreach to the crypto community. We believe our platform will be valuable to NFT buyers and sellers.

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